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About Soule Studio

About Soule Studio

I started my pottery business in 1984 with the desire to create objects that are beautiful, simple, and can be used every day. I believe we should use thoughtfully designed objects in our quotidian life. When these objects resonate with us, we slow down, take a conscious breath and appreciate the moment. I hope when you create your own Soule Studio pottery collection, you find those quiet moments of inspiration at your table.

The inspiration for my work often comes from the landscape around me. Whether at home or traveling, I am drawn to visual texture and subtle surfaces - the texture of a mango’s skin, water’s play over grass and rock as it works its way to the beach, or gritty street graffiti which jumps right off the wall. I try to capture the essence of these experiences in each piece.

It is important that I maintain my studio production on a small-scale. In keeping with my business concept of balancing economic and community concerns, we donate a percentage of internet sales to FINCA International. ( Utilizing micro-finance, FINCA offers financial services such as small loans and insurance to low-income people in developing countries. It bolsters self-employment and general economic vitality by helping people create and operate their own small businesses.

So dive in, get inspired, and find those new Soule Studio pieces to enhance your life at the table.

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