Studio News

spring June 03 2017

The perfect time to update your pottery collection. 


inspiration March 16 2017


beauty in muck July 15 2016


 a slip was made from glacial moraine mud. when fired, it receded again. 


happy summer! July 02 2016


M's Shiro plums are at home on Mélange Lime Entrée



follow June 17 2016

follow the studio on instagram ~ @alethasoule



slip with a story February 25 2016

we crossed 4 streams on an ox cart...

i gathered a handful of mineral-rich soil along the way. as a slip, it fired into a crunchy, faded yellow - black colorant. 


blues inspire February 13 2016




healthy peaceful 2016 January 03 2016



as crackle flows September 09 2015

this glaze flows like lava until it reaches porcelain, where its true color is revealed.


edges August 21 2015

edges are fascinating, crackle into crystal - matte bleeds into gloss.