Studio News

spring June 03 2017

The perfect time to update your pottery collection. 


happy summer! July 02 2016


M's Shiro plums are at home on Mélange Lime Entrée



terre November 19 2014


terre vases looking like underwater creatures.



change of seasons September 12 2014


Mélange earthenware adapts to every season.
Choose from 10 colors to suit your lifestyle and decor.



cracking the kiln September 07 2014

When it cools, we open the "house of cards" to begin unloading.


Summer 2014 July 27 2014


We have updated our website, and hope that you will find it easy to navigate and explore. There is an abundance of enticing pottery to give as gifts or to add to your personal collection. 


Totally Green May 09 2014

If you love all shades of green like I do, Melange earthenware in colors Kiwi, Lime and Terre should just about cover it. 


Make a Splash April 23 2014

Waves of tulips can wash away those cold gray days of mud season.

Spring Display March 19 2014

Every spring, the neighborhood peacock uses my garden as his stage. He displays for his elusive peahen, or...the Melange Kiwi Pitcher?