Studio News

plate shape used as canvas September 27 2016

each is unique ~ even better in a group ~ keep a stack handy




beauty in muck July 15 2016


 a slip was made from glacial moraine mud. when fired, it receded again. 


as crackle flows September 09 2015

this glaze flows like lava until it reaches porcelain, where its true color is revealed.


edges August 21 2015

edges are fascinating, crackle into crystal - matte bleeds into gloss.


mistakes can be beautiful June 10 2015

sometimes over-firing creates beautiful, unforeseen color results.


inspiring texture April 29 2015

heirloom squash inspire lots of ideas for future pieces



pit firing at the beach April 20 2015



jug bud vase results resemble the textural bi-valve.


experiments always inform December 17 2014


experimenting with glaze, one learns its' boundaries.



plaster wicks moisture November 24 2014


plaster wicks moisture from the clay. time determines thickness.



clay as casting slip November 23 2014


before pouring it into molds, clay is mixed into a slip the consistency of heavy cream.