Aletha Soulé


I started my ceramic studio business in 1984 with the desire to create simple, beautiful pottery that could be used every day. Inspiration for my work comes from the landscape around me. Whether I am at home or traveling, I am drawn to visual texture and subtle surfaces. From water’s play over grass and rocks as it works its way to the sea, to polychrome street graffiti that jumps right off the wall, my life experience filters through into my work.

Using a thoughtfully designed object will enhance even the smallest part of each day. My favorite morning teacup, or the pinch pot that holds sea salt are simple things that bring beauty and calm with each use.

Over the years, thousands of pieces of pottery have left my studio to become an integral part of other peoples lives. Children who grew up eating at a table with my plates are now raising their children with the same familiar pieces as well as recent offerings. Pottery is and continues to be my life long pursuit.

For all of this I am grateful, and I look forward to extending the experience of this legacy to you and your family.